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William Ryan Nominated by Democrats for Mayor.

"Ryan Express" pulls out with Malmud, Hockley and Roach on board.

Malmud to run for Council along with legal team of Hockley and Roach.

Revolt brews in Democratic rank and file. All night phoning for support lines up district leader vote challenge on April 19.

Republicans love the ticket, feel they are sure to win the slate.

CityLine: April 6, 2001--CNR NewsLines

WPCNR has learned from a key source in the Democratic Party inner circle, that the Nominating Committee of the Democratic Party today informed William Ryan, County Legislator that he is the Committee's choice to run for Mayor of White Plains on the Democratic Ticket.

Nominated to run with Mr. Ryan for the three Common Council Seats on the Democratic line were Rita Malmud, Tom Roach and Glen Hockley. The County Legislator seat that Ryan will not run for has not been decided at this time.

The Nominating Committee decision has rippled across White Plains Democratic circles like a fury, stirring shock and the possibility of challenges.

Reports are that Robert Greer and his supporters telephoned many of the 96 District Leaders through the night Wednesday evening attempting to overturn the nominating Committee decision by District Leader vote on April 19.

Republicans apparently are in glee over the ticket, according to our sources, saying they can see winning a Council Majority now.

WPCNR will be following up on reaction and to confirm this with the nominees.



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