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Corcoran joins Greer in challenging Democratic Nominating Committee Selections.

Phones sizzle! Nominating Committee in major damage control. Bradley appears not to have announced Roach and Hockley to the media.

District Leaders appear to favor highly visible challenger with proven record of service to city over candidates selected for Common Council run.

Greer reported to be finding widespread support threatening Ryan selection for Mayor.

Raises question of whether Ryan will quietly retreat back to his Legislator seat to preserve party unity.

By John F. Bailey

CityLine: April 8, 2001 -- WPCNR PHONE

Candyce Corcoran has officially challenged the Democratic nominations for Common Council.

Corcoran, longtime fixture of the Democratic Party in White Plains, organizer of the April 22 Democratic Dinner, WPCNR sources say, was personally invited to present for nomination to Common Council by the Nominating Committee, even lead to believe by District Leaders familiar with the Nominating Committee that she was going to be nominated, has joined Robert Greer in challenging the Democratic Nominating Committee choices of Common Council selections.

Greer is tendering his own challenge of the Committee's selection of William Ryan, the County Legislator, for the Mayoral Nomination.

Ms. Corcoran, a lifelong resident of White Plains, who is widely recognized by both parties as a formidable ally and opponent (She is the Organization Chairperson of the Democratic Party), filed her challenge within the last 48 hours. Reports from the Republican camp last week indicated that Republican figures were ecstatic that Corcoran was overlooked, because they feared a Corcoran Council Candidacy.

Wednesday, WPCNR learned the Nominating Committee selected Rita Malmud, Glen Hockley and Tom Roach to run for Common Council, snubbing Peter Katz, Corcoran, Claire Eisenstat, and Kelly MacMillan, the aid to Assemblyman Richard Brodsky.

Corcoran filed a challenge letter with 96 District Leaders of the Democratic Party officially contesting the Nominating Committee's selection, indicating she intends to ask for a challenge vote (conducted by secret ballot) on the night of April 19 when the City Democratic Committee meets to approve the slate.

The Corcoran Correspondence announcing her challenge has been obtained by WPCNR, leads off with a strong initiative:

"This letter expresses my desire and dream to serve White Plains as a member of our Common Council. I care too much about the issues facing our city, and have been urged by other District Leaders, elected officials and community acitivists to pursue this race. Therefore I intend to seek the full Democratic Committee's support for my candidacy on April 19."

Corcoran's letter makes the point: "our city faces serious challenges, which requires serious, dedicated individuals to restore pride in our city, our home."

Her letter concludes with these words:

"As Organizational Chair of the White Plains Democratic City Committee, as someone who has worked on political campaigns, I know the importance of teamwork. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a team player, and that as our party's nominee, I will work hard and enthusiastically to see that the entire Democratic slate succeeds. My enthusiasm, high energy level, effectiveness, commitment and spark for getting people motivated and interested, will add to any team effort."

Contacted by WPCNR, Ms. Corcoran was optimistic about her chances, after (she reports), contacting a majority of district leaders. She is guardedly encouraged by the expressions of what she describes as "shock" on behalf of many leaders that she was not nominated. In fact, she told WPCNR that the leaders she contacted had not received letters from the Nominating Committee announcing the slate yet.



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