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Republicans nominate Joseph Delfino for second term.

City GOP taps Candyce Corcoran to run for County Legislator against Ryan (if he is not challenged by Carl Finger of Scarsdale).

Council slate runs Larry Delgado, Mike Amodio and Bob Tuck, NOT Tim Sheehan for Council as previously reported.

Slate to be presented to the media Saturday, May 19 at 10 AM, formally introduced at Crown Plaza Hotel gala on May 22.

Democratic challengers await Legislative redistricting as to whether they will primary Bill Ryan.

Chonigman confirms that new Legislative District 5 now includes "all of Scarsdale and 2/3 of White Plains."

By John F. Bailey, in first edition of this story, WPCNR reported Tim Sheehan was selected for Council, however, we have since learned our source connected to the Nominating Committee reports an 11th hour change of heart at the last moment and we apologize for any embarrassment caused to Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Tuck by our story.

CityLine: May 16, 2001--CNR Newslines

WPCNR has learned from a source close to the Republican party that the White Plains Republican Party Nominating Committee nominated Joseph Delfino to run for Mayor for a second term Tuesday evening.

The rest of the Delfino team will include Councilman Larry Delgado, running for reelection to his present council seat, while Mike Amodio, who lost in a previous council bid, will run for the second council seat, and Robert Tuck, the 1995 council candidate who ran very well on the Republican line will go for the third open council seat.

Tuck, according to our source, presented extremely well to the Nominating Committee and was able to wrest the third nomination from Tim Sheehan, the attorney who so impressed during his public appearances before the Common Council last year, whom our source, usually accurate in such matters, had assured us was the front runner.

The big surprise is that the Republican Party will nominate Candyce Corcoran to run for County Legislature in the newly redrawn District 10 against incumbent legislator William Ryan.

Corcoran was challenged for the Republican nomination for Legislator by Katherine Jennings of White Plains and Carmen Scaglione of North Castle.

Phillip Chonigman, the population consultant hired by George Latimer, Chairman of the County Board of Legislators, reported to WPCNR today that White Plains and Scarsdale will be in the newly configured County Legislative District 5.

Chonigman said Wednesday to WPCNR that Monday afternoon, May 14, the Board of Legislators decided to return to the former numbering system of districts which ran the numbering direction North to South. This means that the County Legislative District will remain District 5. (The original new redistricting had been redesignated "District 10.")

However, Chonigman confirmed that the community makeup of the district has distinctly changed.

Chonigman, contacted by WPCNR, said that the "new District 5" will "include 2/3 of the City of White Plains and all of the Village of Scarsdale." The Northwest section of White Plains including Ferris Avenue, the railroad plaza area and portions of the Lexington Avenue neighborhood. This Northwest portion of White Plains will remain in the Legislative district of Lois Bronz (District 8). At this time WPCNR is awaiting a digitized version of the newly mapped district from Chonigman to show this graphic division.


The Proposed Lines For The New District 5
Source: Phillip Chonigman, Consultant to the County Board of Legislators.

The Proposed Lines For The New District 8
Source: Phillip Chonigman, Consultant to the County Board of Legislators.



The Northeast section of the previous District 5: Mount Pleasant, West Harrison, Silver Lake, North Castle, previously Legislator Bill Ryan's territory has been sliced out of the new District 5 and "all of the Village of Scarsdale" included.

Legislator Ryan may face a primary battle from either Bill Greenwald of Greenburg, or Carl Finger of Scarsdale. Mr. Finger, an attorney based in White Plains, and a resident of Scarsdale, reached by WPCNR, said it was too early to comment until he knew what the actual new District 10 (now back to being called District 5) boundaries were, but said he would be interested in primarying Ryan for the Democratic nomination depending on how much of the new district was included in Scarsdale.

The three council condidates selected were contested by Tim Sheehan and John Bombace prior to the final choice.

Corcoran was selected from three legislator candidates, the other two being Carmen Scaglione from North Castle (part of Legislator Ryan's former District 5 territory), and Katherine Jennings, of White Plains, according to WPCNR's highly placed source.

Legislator Ryan's old District 5 included North Castle, Silver Lake, parts of Harrison and the Northeast and southeast portions of White Plains. The newly configured District 5 reportedly has the incumbent legislator very upset because it includes most of Scarsdale where he is a virtual unknown and cuts out former constituents who helped elect him. He is apparently fighting the redrawn district at this time to retain his old stomping grounds.

However, Chonigman said Ryan was accepting the new District 5 and was not fighting the new boundaries because he realized the intent of the redistricting.


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