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Cappelli and Mayor Delfino set July 10 for Macy's demolition

Mayor's office prepares list of urban planners for Council to choose from, due Friday.

Special to WPCNR

By John F. Bailey

CityLine: June 7, 2001 -- City Hall

The Mayor's Office announced today that official demolition of the old Macy's building on Main Street, is tentatively scheduled to take place on Tuesday morning, July 10, at the Macy's site.

Definitive plans for the demolition ceremonies are in the process of being drawn up, but city hall expects Louis Cappelli, designated developer of the Macy's parcel to be present, according to Paul Wood, city hall spokesperson. "Some kind of groundbreaking most likely will occur," Wood said.

Actually, the demolition process has already begun on the interior of the Macy's sturcture according to Wood. Cappelli has directed the removal of asbestos as well at the securing of utility lines.

In other City Center news, Wood told WPCNR that the Mayor's Office was drawing up a "short list" of urban planners which he expected to be readied and presented to the Common Council by Friday afternoon.

A study of the Cappelli City Center plan was called for by Councilman Robert Greer as a result of his concern for the height of the Cappelli apartment towers proposed by the City Center project. Rita Malmud, Councilwoman, supported Greer's call for an "independent study by a internationally recognized urban planner," (Greer's words) made at the Monday evening Common Council meeting. Greer in calling for the study hoped to learn more of the impacts of Mr. Cappelli's proposed 34 and 30-story buildings on the future character and ambiance of White Plains. Wood said he expected only one consultant to be selected and one study conducted.

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