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By John F. Bailey

CityLine: August 21, 2001 -- White Plains

The CitizeNetReporter announced today that the popular White Plains news website is becoming a flagship affiliate of the Westchester Network on September 5. A prototype of a redesigned site has already been built and preparations for going live are already underway.

"I'm excited about the new features the Westchester Network format brings to my demanding, news-starved audience, " said John Bailey, Executive Editor of The CitizeNetReporter. "With the ability to let me instantly update the site, I can put up more news faster than any other news medium in the city. The site design has built-in interactive comment features, access to Westchester County government news, Yonkers news, Scarsdale news and the ability to conduct viewer surveys on an instant turn-around status."

Bailey added: "The Westchester Network format brings three new and unique dimensions to my readers. The format is more accessible to them, easier to navigate and presents more details on more stories faster at a glance."

Viewers will still access the site at the old URLs they have been using:,, or However, they will soon see a redesigned front page but with the old familiar trademark White Plains Cityscape.

New WPCNR Website
The new WPCNR website.
Click on the image for a larger version.

Weather, Government, School, Community, and Sports categories are covered with picturesque logos.

Stories will be listed with bullet headlines, complete with synopsis so viewers can tell instantly exactly what stories they want to read first. As with the original CitizeNetReporter site, running stories from the past will appear in chronological order on the right side of the page.

The changeover will take place officially September 4, according to Bailey.

There will be no downtime while the site is readied. Within a few days, prototype postings will be made to the new site, according to Bailey. However the CitizeNetReporter will have no suspension of service.

"That's the beauty of the Scarsdale Technologies system, " Bailey added. "It is a turn-key operation putting me and the Yonkers Tribune way ahead of any other news website operations in the County. It could be a prototype for any news organization in other Westchester cities to just jump in and instantly upgrade their ability to service their news niche."

The Westchester Network is the creation of Sean P.Cover, who is attempting to build a string of independent news operations providing gritty local coverage now missing from the Westchester news scene.

"The whole idea of The White Plains CitizeNetReporter," Bailey added "was to force the traditional media to cover more White Plains news by providing the timely detail and local knowledge of White Plains that traditional news outlets no longer provide. The Westchester Network believes in the same philosophy."

Cover, Publisher of the Westchester Network and editor of, commented: "I'm pleased to welcome John Bailey's White Plains CitizeNetReporter and Hezi Aris' Yonkers Tribune as they join ScarsdaleToday as partners in the Westchester Network as independent affiliates."

He welcomes what they bring to the table:

"With Mr. Bailey's White Plains reporting and with Hezi Aris' Yonkers reporting, our network adds two professional stalwart news operations and now simply provides more significant news about Yonkers, Scarsdale and White Plains than any other medium. By joining the Westchester Network, WPCNR and The Yonkers Tribune end up with beautiful, state-of-the-art, maintenance-free portal systems, giving the Network and the affiliates the status of a leading medium for prospective advertisers."

"WPCNR and The Yonkers Tribune will get traffic from all the other Westchester Network sites, consisting of real estate listings, restaurant listings, classifieds, personals and more because their name and link will be in the header of EVERY page of the Westchester Network. Fans of the two sites will still get Bailey's and Aris' objective, insider reporting from persons who live in the communities they cover. Meanwhile Bailey and Aris will get more exposure and traffic."

Bailey founded White Plains CitizeNetReporter in February, 2000. His coverage has brought White Plains citizens inside, in-depth coverage of city happenings that no medium, print or electronic duplicates. His stories have been complimented by public officials, politicians, public relations experts, and community advocates and longtime leading citizens as being balanced, fair, blunt and accurate and ahead of other media.

Bailey, in deciding to join the partnership said, "We decided to affiliate with Westchester Network to upgrade our site and make it more interactive and technically professional. Not only does it allow me, a non-technical person hands-on, instant access, but its thoughtful infrastructure gives advertisers more frequent venues for repeated exposure and good will."

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