The Sidewalks of White Plains

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Sidewalks of White Plains

Carl McCall, Comptroller and Democratic Candidate for Governor to address Annual Democrats Dinner April 22.

By John F. Bailey


CityLine: March 14, 2001, Democratic Headquarters

Adam Bradley, Chairman of the White Plains Democratic Committee announced to WPCNR today that the annual Democratic Dinner will be held April 22 at the Westchester Hills Country Club from 5 PM to 8 PM, and will feature Carl McCall as the Keynote Speaker.

Bradley said in addition to the address by the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor, the Democrats would be presenting Sam Fredman with the Ted Benjamin Award for service to the Democratic Party and community Service.

Bradley announced that Bill "Wes" Bradley will be presented with the Marilyn Stagg Award for service to the Democratic Party.

Fredman is being honored for his past service as County Democratic Chairman, and his career as Supreme Court Justice. Bradley is being recognized for his service as City Party Chairman and for his pioneering efforts on behalf of the Democratic Party in White Plains. He was a Mayoral candidate in 1969 and lead the party to its first Common Council victories, according to Bradley.

Tickets for the dinner are priced at $85. For more information, contact Mr. Bradley at 729-0744.

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