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Sidewalks of White Plains

Media Notes:

Philippidis hosts Bailey and Benerofe on WVOX 1450 AM at 6 PM Tuesday

"White Plains Week" to air twice a week on Channel 71


CityLine : March 26, 2001 -- White Plains

Alex Philippidis, Editor-In-Chief of the Westchster County Business Journal, and host of "The Real Show" on WVOX radio will have John Bailey, of White Plains CitizeNetReporter and Jim Benerofe, Editor of as his guests on his live radio show on WVOX AM, New Rochelle Tuesday evening from 6 to 7 PM.

WVOX, "Vox Populi," is at 1450 on the AM radio dial.

The three reporters, who have been lifting the ratings of Public Channel 71 in their Tuesday 7 PM White Plains Week news show, will be on the air live Tuesday evening and Westchester County politicians, powerbrokers and news aficianados should be listening.

Topics likely to come up will be the county elections, county development, and the usual suspects.

News Dogs Show to be cablecast twice a week. Tuesdays at 7, Fridays at 7:30-on Channel 71

The White Plains Public Access Cable Channel has also announced that the taped cable show the three notorious reporters host and tape on Friday mornings will be cablecast twice weekly.

The show which is taped Friday mornings to keep residents in sync with developing local news, is cablecast Tuesday evenings at 7 PM and will be shown again Friday evenings at 7:30 PM, according to Fred Straus, Station Manager.


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