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Greer: "I'm going to Challenge" after Nominating Committee Shocker!

Robert Greer works the phones to derail Ryan Express to City Hall.

Contacts about 30 District Leaders since receiving the bad news Wednesday, says he is confident he can over turn Ryan nod.

By John F. Bailey


CityLine: April 6, 2001: The Greer Phone

"I'm going to challenge," Robert Greer told WPCNR Friday afternoon when called for his reaction to the Democratic Party Nominating Committee surprise nominating of William Ryan to run for Mayor on the Democratic Party ticket.

Legislator Ryan did not return calls from WPCNR requesting a statement on his nomination Wednesday. Reports are that the Nominating Committee met until the wee hours Tuesday evening after interviewing the three Mayoral hopefuls:Ryan, Rita Malmud and Robert Greer. The debate was spirited and agonizing with the vote said to be unamimous for Ryan.

Robert Greer said he was "surprised" when he learned at 5:30 PM Wednesday evening that he had not been nominated.

Greer said he has been working the phones from his home, contacting the 85 or more District Leaders whom he will hope to convince to vote for him over Legislator Ryan at the Democratic Party Committee Meeting April 19. He has 13 days to make his case.

Greer explained that he is letting the Corresponding Secretary of the party know he is making a challenge. "You have to send out a letter to each of the District Leaders telling why you're challenging and why you think the wrong person was nominated."

Greer said he had contacted approximately 30 District Leaders so far and says "I feel pretty confident."

The matter will, if Greer does not withdraw his challenge, come to a decision on April 19, at Democratic Party Headquarters at 170 East Post Road, three days before the Democratic Dinner on April 22, when H. Carl McCall is scheduled to speak to city Democrats and the slate is to be presented.

At the meeting, Greer said all 85-plus District Leaders will vote by secret ballot for either Greer or Ryan, winner take the nomination.

Greer implied the County Legislator seat had been deliberately left open as a safety valve for Mr. Ryan, should Mr. Greer prevail. Then, Greer indicated, Ryan could slip back in and run for his present County Legislator seat, "And I'll be very happy to run with him."


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