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Sidewalks of White Plains:

Unusually dry hot weather creates fire hazard.

White Plains residents advised to water lawns, avoid tossing cigarettes.

By John F. Bailey


CityLine: May 1, 2001 -- New York City

The National Weather Service issued a weather statement for the White Plains area Tuesday afternoon warning about the danger of brush fires in the area due to continued warm, dry weather.

The NWS reports White Plains Weather will continue warm, hot and dry through Friday. With no rainfall for 8 days, the conditions are creating a fire danger throughout the region.

Humidity readings have been averaging only 30%, with temperatures 10 degrees above normal. The arrid air mass is drying out grass, brush, trees, roadside cover flower beds and lawns, leading to many brush fires throughout the northeast.

In staging cookouts, smoking while driving, or doing outside yardwork and smoking, citizens are urged to use caution, keep water handy near a barbecue and never throw a lit cigarette from a moving car or into vacant lots.

The current dry conditions mean that a small spark can create a fire that will spread very quickly.

The National Weather Service


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