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Candyce Corcoran resigns from Democratic Party.

City party calls for her resignation for consorting with Republicans.

Party after snubbing her twice, mystified as to why she would consider leaving.

District leaders alarmed at who will now organize the party.

By John F. Bailey


CityLine: May 10, 2001 -- WPCNR NewsLines

WPCNR has learned that Candyce Corcoran has been asked to resign from her position as Organization Chairperson of Democratic Party on request of City Democratic Party leaders.

She has complied with that request by an official resignation letter, a copy of which was obtained by WPCNR from a District Leader.

Corcoran, WPCNR has learned from District Leaders, (who requested they not be identified), was asked to resign April 30.

However, sources tell us, she held off expecting some sort of commitment from the party a signal that the party still recognized her value to them and wanted her. However, nothing was guaranteed to her by the party.

However, when party leaders heard she had been contacted by city Republican sources for a possible run against the Democratic candidates, promises of jobs with the party in the future were dangled to her.

Corcoran refused to comment on these reports, and said simply that she had been asked to resign.

However, a district leader has shared with WPCNR a copy of Corcoran's letter of resignation, in which she states "Requesting my resignation is simply an act of arrogance, in its most political manifestation."

Privately, Democrat district leaders are aghast that Corcoran, the unpaid, volunteer Organization Chairperson who organized all the district leaders and ran the phonebanks for the party in the most recent elections won't be handling the job of getting out the vote this year.

Corcoran, thought to be a natural candidate for Common Council on the Democratic ticket, was twice rejected, first by the Nominating Committee, which interviewed her, assuring her she had nothing to worry about, then nominated Glen Hockley and Tom Roach instead.

She was declined a second time by district leaders themselves when she challenged the council slate selected by the Nominating Committee.

Democratic Party leaders did not return calls to WPCNR for comment on who will be Ms. Corcoran's successor as Organization Chair.


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