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"White Plains Week" moving to Mondays at 7 on 71.

Show will also originate "Common Council Tonight" Previews, beginning July 2.

New time slot begins tonight Monday, June 18, at 7 to be recablecast Fridays at 7:30.

Channel 71's hottest show moved to bring more current news.



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"White Plains Week" the White Plains News Roundup Show, is moving its time slot. The controversial, irreverent, "shock-a-minute" "real local" TalkShow featuring Alex Philippidis, Editor of the Westchester County Business Journal, Jim Benerofe, Editor of and John Bailey, Executive Editor of White Plains CitizeNetReporter is moving to Mondays at 7 PM from Tuesday, and will continue to be recablecast Fridays at 7:30 PM.

Fred Strauss, Executive Director of White Plains Public Access Channel 71, has decided to move "White Plains Week" to a new time period in order that the show can "preview" White Plains Common Council meetings just before the live telecast of the Common Council begins at 8. Beginning on Monday, June 18, "WPW" as insiders call the show, will be cablecast on Channel 71 at 7 PM Eastern Daylight Time, moving up one day from Tuesdays.

"Many viewers of the Common Council tonight, reading the agenda, have no idea of what the items relate to. The mumbo-jumbo of the agenda with references R-D-12 zones, ordinances 6783, and LLCOR and and the alphabet soup of developers, have totally no reference point to what the Council has done, is about to do, when they read a Council agenda," said John Bailey, the creator of the show.

"It's our hope that by doing a sort of NFL Today segment about the Common Council agenda, that viewers can watch WPW, see our pre-council rundown, and watch with real understanding of what the Council is attempting to grapple with," Bailey continued.

The irreverent Bailey reports: "Believe me when I look at a Council agenda, even I, who talk to the movers, shakers, and stand-stillers of White Plains every day, have to stop and think a minute, and say, whoa...what are they doing here? What does this mean? It's my hope that Alex and Jim and I will be able to single out on The Common Council Today segment, the 2 or 3 big items coming up that night, and make the issues clear to the viewers."

Another objective of the planned council segment, Bailey says, is communication: "We'll also try and educate viewers on what Council procedures mean when they say the mysterious incantations 'spread the communications' or 'consent agenda'. And, hey, even when items are attempted to be explained, the officialese is about as clear as an Ari Fleischer briefing."

The Monday shows will continue to be videotaped at the Channel 71 Production Complex on Friday mornings. To date, the inquisitive, suspicious trio of reporters have taped 21 White Plains Week shows. The move was suggested by Mr. Strauss because of the unusual popularity of the show, and the need to make WPW as current and up-to-the-minute as possible.

In those weeks preceding Common Council meetings, the three irreverent news bandits will do the planned five-minute segment within the show entitled "The Common Council Tonight" which will brief viewers a half-hour before the Council meeting is called to order by the Mayor on the big items being discussed on that Monday night agenda. On off weeks, the segment will be "The Common Council Today," where upcoming work sessions are previewed.

So tune in tonight (Monday June 18) at 7 PM for WPW, and if you miss any part of it, you can see a repeat on Fridays at 7:30 PM.

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