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Mayor for all seasons, Alfred Del Vecchio appears on White Plains Week

Longest-serving Mayor to kick-off "Legacies of White Plains" series to appear on Monday, July 30 cablecast at 7 PM on Channel 71.

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CityLine: Friday, July 27, 2001 -- Public Access Studios

The former Mayor of White Plains, Alfred Del Vecchio expands on a range of subjects about "Mayoring," and his 18 years as Mayor of the city on Monday evening's cablecast of "WHITE PLAINS WEEK."

The Mayor is interviewed by John Bailey, Alex Philipiddis of the Westchester County Business Journal, and James Benerofe of, in the first of a series of programs interviewing persons Bailey has dubbed "Legacies of White Plains."

On Monday's program, Mayor Del Vecchio takes present politicians to task saying "Republicans and Democrats want the same thing. They want to be elected." He goes on to criticize present politicians sharply for not doing what they think is right, but simply trying to do the things that will get them reelected.

Del Vecchio also gives unique insights into how White Plains was when he got into politics in the early 70s and comments on what it was like developing White Plains now and today.

The program is remarkable in that it captures the personality, drive, and intensity of the man who created the first White Plains rennaisance in the 1980s. He explains how he brought in The Galleria, got urban renewal going, and changed the way White Plains treated developers.

The program can be seen Monday evening, July 30 at 7 PM on Public Access Channel 71, home of "White Plains Week," the weekly White Plains News Round-up Show. The program will be repeated on Friday, August 3 at 7:30 PM.

In future weeks, other living "Legacies of White Plains" will be interviewed by the WPW news reporter team. They include Mary Ann Keenan, Mayor Sy Schulman, and Robert Ruger.

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