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Scarsdale Police endorse Corcoran for District 5 County Legislator, citing record of accessibility and commitment

By John F. Bailey

CityLine: August 14, 2001 -- Scarsdale

The President of the Scarsdale Police Benevolent Association, Detective Richard Fatigate, interviewed by WPCNR at the Scarsdale Police Department Tuesday, officially endorsed Candyce Canelstein Corcoran for the post of County Legislator in the 5th District for her familiarity with local issues.

Fatigate said Corcoran had come to the attention of the Scarsdale PBA several months ago by "being very visible in town, and a lifelong resident of our area." He said he had also talked with police officials in White Plains and Greenburg, whom he said hold Ms. Corcoran "in the highest regard because she has always been accessible and helpful" to them.

Fatigate said these Corcoran qualities were instrumental in the SPBA decision to endorse Corcoran's candidacy. He feels that her record of being accessible and involved in the community would be a valuable resource to the police in their efforts to improve working conditions and resolve ongoing retirement issues like the police effort to secure Tier 2 status in calculating pension benefits.

"We feel as our County Legislator, she can be a voice in Albany as well," Fatigate said. "She's been a resident all her life in our community. She is sympathetic to our community, and has long been visible in it, while her opponent came here to run and is a professional politician. She's been extremely visible, ever since our Sidewalk Sale and Tricentennial Celebration, while we haven't even seen her opponent here (in Scarsdale)."

Asked about crime issues that he felt the County might help Scarsdale deal with, Fatigate smiled.

The Village of Scarsdale, Fatigate said, does not have a crime problem, having the lowest crime rate in Westchester County, and is one of the ten safest communities in New York State. Asked how the Scarsdale Police achieve this, he remarked that the "proactive" policy of the department was part of their secret.

"We don't wait for crime to happen. We actually seek it out and try to deter it, " Fatigate said. "The people here are not afraid to talk with the police. When they have a concern, we take it seriously, whether real or perceived. We are proactive with residents, talking with them regularly on crime prevention programs, security concerns and other issues."

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