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From John Bailey,

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Airport Garage Closing disturbs airport employee.
Correspondent writes County Executive Andy Spano this letter and shares it with WPCNR

Dear Mr. Spano:

   Speaking as a private citizen rather than as a member of the HPN airport community, I have several concerns as to your proposed closure of the airport parking garage. As a father and a parent I as much as anyone else understand the need to preserve the tranquility and peace of the home.  Having been an urban dweller for much of my adult life I have first hand knowledge of the stress and turmoil this life style embodies.  I also know that a great number of people (the airport workers and passengers alike) see the airport as their main venue for pursuing a livelihood and as an escape point from which to embark on a pleasure trip to strengthen the individual soul and fabric of the family.  I believe your proposed garage limits will adversely effect those seeking to fulfill their work obligations and those who use HPN as a portal for family trips.

   I am sure that I know who in county government speaks for the hundreds of airport neighbors.  I also know that between 0559 and 0630 an excess of fifty-thousand citizens and their guests on an annual basis choose to use the facilities of HPN to pursue their work and play.  The question I have is who in county government speaks for those thousands who spend their time quietly contributing to the richness, wealth, and growth of Westchester County while what I believe is a smaller number vociferously voice their desire to keep those people from their responsibilities and desires.  I hope you consider these words before implementing your ban.


Gary J. Hennessey

Mr. Hennessey reports to WPCNR that "so far" he has received no response from County Executive Spano. Hennessey estimates 5% of airport passengers will be affected by the recently enacted Airport Garage closing between midnight and six A.M.

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