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From John Bailey,

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An Apartment Dwellers comments about White Plains overnight parking regulations touched a nerve of a frequent visitor to White Plains

I completely concur with the fellow who's exasperated over the seemingly nonsensical parking regulations in White Plains. I myself visit the community often, and sometimes stay overnight in White Plains (my sister and brother-in-law live in an apartment there). Each time it's a new headache.

In certain places I can leave my car for only two hours, so I have to go out and move it all the time - or face the possibility of being ticketed. In other places I have to feed meters. Who ever heard of a residential community where guests can't park on its streets?!

Why do I have to be hastled when I visit my sister in White Plains whereas I can visit relatives in Queens, Nassau, New Jersey, Rockland and almost anywhere else in the NY area (besides Manahattan) and not have to worry that I'm going to be ticketed for parking on a residential street?! And when I stay overnight it's even worse - then there's absolutely nowhere that I can leave my car since parking is not allowed anywhere in White Plains between 3-6 AM! How obnoxious!

What does the city expect me to do? Get up at 3AM to move my car? Enough said. These parking regulations were obviously created by someone with a twisted sense of humor or a deeply seated cynicism. They are long overdue a thorough revision with an emphasis on accommodating White Plains'residents and their guests. After all, who are these regulations there toserve?

A. C.



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