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From John Bailey,

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Corcoran candidacy stirs memories of Tulsa White Plains Grads

Dear Chairperson:

As a native of White Plains (through high school and college at Bucknell) I am most excited to see someone as dedicated as Candyce Corcoran running for office. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Should she win the position which she has graciously consented to occupy, the citizens of the fair City of White Plains and the rest of Westchester County will be able to embrace confidently one of their leaders.

As I scanned her list of prior activities, I noticed the word Kensico. Long before I was conceived, my maternal grandfather was an active civil engineer who spent considerable time in the construction of Kensico Dam.

Nostalgia then took over in my reminiscing. More than once, and in youthful ignorance and stupidity, I partook in drag-racing over that dam.

Memory tells me there was a miniature Lovers' Lane on the "other" side......a site from which the infamous "hook caught in the window" story was reborn for the telling. Yes, when headlights pointed off the curving road beyond the dam's surface, we would duck down, hoping not to be spotted (by police officers) hugging our sweethearts.

What does any of this have to do with Ms. Corcoran? Nothing, well, not quite nothing. You see, while pondering Ms. Corcoran, one cannot help but think of wonderful times, cherished memories, and perhaps going back in time.

Her electorate can have these joys in the present.

Remote analogy? Perhaps, but still, a most pleasant one from this writer's viewpoint.

Select and Elect Candyce in 2001.

Warmest regards,

Barry A. Heaver
WPHS Class of '59
Now a lawyer in private practice in Tulsa, OK.

"Miss Secretary, the great City of Tulsa, soon to host the golf's US Open, proudly casts its proxy vote for Candyce."



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