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From John Bailey,

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Candyce Canelstein Corcoran on what is "affordable housing?" and what she would do about it.

(Ms. Corcoran is the Republican Candidate for County Legislature in District 5 covering White Plains and Scarsdale.)

In speaking with hundreds of my neighbors and friends, including those I have met during the first few weeks of my campaign, I realize that there is a misconception of WHAT IS affordable housing! There is much confusion regarding the difference between affordable housing and government subsidies such as Section 8 Housing.

Does one realize that, according to HUD, a family of 4 with an annual income of $85,800 and a family of 2 with an annual income of $68,600 would qualify for affordable housing in White Plains? With these numbers in mind, one must ask oneself, who is in need of affordable housing.

They include:

* Our grown children who have just started out in life and want to continue to call White Plains their home.

* Our children's teachers and other city employees such as our police and fire fighters, who want not only to work in our city but call our city their home.

* Our parents who are on fixed incomes and who have given up their larger homes to down size, but still want to live in White Plains.

I have a strong working relationship with elected officials of all political parties, and when I am elected to represent you, I will bridge the gap between city officials and county government. In addition, I will initiate an informative county program to educate the public about the need for, and what is, affordable housing. I will be a full time County Legislator, and there will always be an open door of communication for both the public and elected officials.

I will encourage:

* "Good Faith" interpretation of neighborhood desires and characteristics, while preserving and protecting neighborhood integrity.

* All elected officials to support my introduction of legislation aimed at bringing about a greater percentage of affordable housing in Westchester, by providing county and city financial incentives.

* Cities to review their building codes which could result in reduced construction costs without sacrificing safety and therefore translate into savings for the public.

* Builders to look at foreclosure properties within the city, and see if such "surplus land" would be appropriate for affordable housing.

* Civic Associations and those serving the public to meet with me to discuss ways of increasing the amount of affordable housing.

Candyce Canelstein Corcoran



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