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Special to WPCNR from Michelle Schoenfeld, City School District

By John F. Bailey


CityLine: May 2, 2001

Seventy-two students were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society of the White Plains Middle School on May 2nd. Each of these students has a minimum of a 92% cumulative average over their three years of middle school. In addition to scholarship, each student has demonstrated Leadership, Service, Citizenship, and fine Character. Teachers Jane Turk and Dr. Michael Passow, the chapter advisers, work with a committee of staff members from both campuses to support the efforts of the NJHS.

Like the high school National Honor Society, the NJHS strives to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to encourage the development of character and citizenship in students, to promote worthy leadership qualities, and to stimulate a desire to render service in our middle school students. The students who met these rigorous selection standards, and who were inducted are:

Evan Achiron, Paul Bello, Anya Brown, Jessamyn A. Brown, Kathleen Buonamici,Lil Cardona, Jennifer L. Casinelli, Hannah T. Chang, Stephany Chiacchio, Jennifer Cohen, Danielle M. Cohn, Charlotte Couzens, Amanda L. Culp, Michelle DeLeon, Daniel Duker-Gold, Shanna Emmanuel, Gloria Enciso, Elizabeth J. Espada, Jessica R.Freedman, Zachary A. Glass, Jeremy Goodman, Ewa Gorczyca, Robert Hollahan, Constance Hsiung, Aaron S. Jurist, Keri Kaicher, Zachary B. Kaye, Sarah Kellogg, Janice Kim, Katherine Koizim, Max Kravitz, David Lager, Jesse B. Lagle, Anna Laudani, Melissa W. Lee, Russell E. Lifson, Alison Lipman, Kenneth Lipschutz, Ellice R. Litwak, Chloe Majonis, Melissa E. Malaver, Saeed Mohammed, Raquel J. Moriarty, Juliana Neuspiel, Elizabeth Newman, Virginia Noriega, Kaitlin Pellegrin, Timothy Pennucci, Benjamin Probber, Alexander Rainer, Lindsay Reiss, Elinor Reuven, Alice N. Rie, Elizabeth J. Rie, Jacob P. Riss, Christina Rodriguez, Rachel Salazar, Marlee Santo-Donato, Jennifer L. Schlinger, Michael D. Schwartz, Glenna Sikdar, Rachel Silverman, Ivana Simic, Caroline Skwiersky, Vinod Srinivasaraghavan, Dorotea V. Szkolar, Nicole R. Tomlinson, Christina Tompkins, Cristin A. Tsakanikis, Kimberly C. Wood, Heather Wynne, Melissa E. Zuch.


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