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From John Bailey,

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From "The Councilman in Exile": Bill Waterman

Graessle and Habel should do the height study...not outside planner.

I was happy to read at LONG last movies and apartments are Coming Soon, and I must thank our Republican Mayor Joseph Delfino, and Larry Delgado Councilman for all there efforts.

I was very upset to read, but not surprised to see the two Democrats, Bob Greer (Mr. Which Way Is The Wind Blowing Today) Democratic Mayoral Candidate, and Rita Malmud Common Council candidate (Ms. Paralysis By Analysis) running for reelection.

As for the study which by the way we tax payers are footing the bill for, is a waste of our tax dollars. Unless you walk around with your head in the clouds, a 30 or 34 story building will NOT change the character and the ambiance of the future of our downtown.

In my opinion if you are looking for a Very Recognized Urban Planner, look no farther than within your Planning Department. You have one of the best right under your nose, and he is your own Commissioner Michael J. Graessle, and his very fine Deputy Susan Habel. Let's have White Plains residents like our two very outstanding Commissioners do the planning for us and not outsiders.

Bill Waterman



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