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CNR Server denied Scarsdale District Sports Results

In a copywrited story from ScarsdaleToday.com, Sean Cover, who hosts the CitizeNetReporter website, reports the Scarsdale School District refuses to provide him with student-written sports articles they regularly provide the Scarsdale Inquirer. Mr. Cover comments:

The matter involves the ability of a school agency to prevent fair competition and ignore ethical business practices in order to prevent school-related news involving high school sports team members from being published online.

Related issues could be freedom of the press, the issue of treating internet-based media companies differently than traditional printed newspapers, preferential treatment by school officials towards one news agency and not another, protecting minors online, etc.

This was the first time I've ever been denied equal access to information provided our competitor, the Scarsdale Inquirer, specifically because ScarsdaleToday is an internet-based media company.

Sean Cover



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